Harnessing the power of dispersions to deliver a greener world

Coatings for Tomorrow

Polymers play a vital role in packaging to maintain the required properties to extend shelf life. In particular, food packaging solutions must consider the perishability of the content and the integrity of packaging materials to prevent moisture from damaging the food within.

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Eco-Conscious Packaging 

The packaging industry is changing at a rapid pace through both regulatory changes and consumer demands that are driving the quest for more eco-conscious materials. At Aquaspersions, we are harnessing the power of dispersions to develop a range of sustainably focused biopolymers that can enable packaging manufacturers to adapt products to be ahead of this changing landscape whilst maintaining barrier protection.



AquarezBio is our water-based biopolymer dispersion coating that is built with the future of the earth in mind.


The AquarezBio polymer coating is derived from renewable raw materials stepping away from typical fossil-fuel based alternatives.


Not only is our solution bio-based, it’s also bio-degradable, so it will not be left to landfill for hundreds of years. The polymers are variously certified as:
• Home compostable
• Industrial compostable
• Marine biodegradable


Our utilisation of dispersion chemistry to suspend raw materials in water means our solutions do not include solvents that are harmful to the environment. Adding to this, our development process of water-based dispersions uses significantly less energy, helping to reduce the associated carbon footprint.

Accelerate Your Packaging 

Our innovation-first approach allows us to engineer distinctive formulations that are adapted to your exact needs. Our bio-polymer range can be further formulated including experimental development to produce a tailored solution for your packaging requirements.

Aside from our extensive expertise in dispersion chemistry, we offer in-house testing and run press trials to ensure our solutions complement your material to deliver on your necessary capabilities.

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Adapting to Regulatory Changes 

As a business, we constantly have our finger on the pulse when it comes to regulatory changes, with dedicated in-house support. Our team can advise on solutions that adhere to regulations in your local region and make recommendations based on upcoming changes so you can future-proof your product portfolio.


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