Water-based barrier coatings developed with biodegradable biopolymers.

Aquaspersions is leading the way in sustainable chemistry for packaging. AquarezBio is an innovative waterborne dispersion solution built to solve the emerging challenges of the packaging industry.

The move to green packaging is being driven simultaneously by regulatory pressures and customer demand, and many in the packaging industry are reinventing the characteristics of their packaging. Aquaspersions is here to support those making this transition by bringing you dispersions that protect the planet and the product that lies within.

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AquarezBio: Combining Science & Sustainability

AquarezBio is a catalyst for change and its unique properties enable a lower carbon footprint associated with both production and end-of-life options. As well as coatings, the range can be used for many niche applications including use as binders.


Our coatings are formulated with polymers which range from fully bio-based to partially bio-based, stepping away from traditional fossil-fuel derived alternatives.


Not only is our solution bio-based, it’s also bio-degradable. The range incorporates various biopolymers which are certified:

  • Home compostable
  • Industrial compostable
  • Marine degradable


Aquaspersions expertise in water-based dispersions allows us to combine core polymers with additive to optimise barrier performance of coasting. This ensures performance, stability and high-quality solutions that allow for lower coat-weights to be applied using numerous applications.

4.Paper Recyclable

Whilst not yet tested, our aim is to have offerings which will also be repulpable and recyclable. We will update our progress once testing is complete!

Key Properties

Our unique biopolymer coatings are tailored for the packaging industry targeting the following properties

Grease Barrier  icon

Grease Barrier

Water Barrier  icon

Water Barrier

Vapour Barrier   icon

Vapour Barrier

Heat Seal icon

Heat Seal

Gravure & Flexographic Applications icon

Gravure & Flexographic Applications

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The ecological and regulatory challenges facing the entire packaging sector are mounting and the sector must adapt packaging solutions to meet environmental objectives. Our solutions can support packaging businesses across food & beverage, cosmetics and beyond to stay ahead in this changing landscape.

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Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

We have an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and understand your current packaging composition.

2. Samples 

After the initial session, we apply our leading products onto samples of your paper or substrate. We can adapt them as required. Upon acceptance of lab performance, we can then send wet samples for you to validate.

3. Press Trials 

We can produce large scale product to run at your premises where we are happy to attend to ensure best practice.

4. Commercialise

Once the solution is fit for purpose, we will move to commercialise and generate the required volumes for your coating.


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Forward-Thinking Dispersion Chemistry 

We pursue any opportunity to enhance our product portfolio and be a part of the solution to move the packaging industry forward. AquarezBio is just one example of our innovative capabilities and expertise in waterborne dispersions.

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