Coatings & Adhesives

Innovative water-based dispersions and emulsions to produce quality end products.

We provide products and support to the coatings and adhesive industries to improve end-use applications. Our portfolio enables highly durable, safer, and more sustainable solutions.

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Our broad range of leading aqueous dispersions and emulsion products, including antioxidants, polymers, crosslinkers, accelerators allows coating and adhesive formulators add value and performance to their end products.


Powerful Solutions for Adhesives 

Adhesives play an important role in joining and assembling numerous surfaces and industrial items. With ever-growing requirements, our range of dispersions helps to meet the challenges faced by adhesive manufacturers.

Working in collaboration with our clients, Aquaspersions produce superior products that are high-performing and durable to bond components together.

Our Products

Aquaspersions continue to develop polymeric emulsions and dispersions to meet client needs and deliver innovation to the market. Our products allow coatings to be more durable and safer to manufacture with increased performance.

We tailor our polymeric emulsions to meet industrial, architectural, military, and other niche applications.

Decorative and Protective

Our unique dispersions are created to improve surface properties and enhance the appearance of coatings.

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Enhanced Pigment

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Weathering and Chemical Resistance

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Water Vapour Permeability

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Wet Scrub Resistance

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Stable and Durable

Industry Applications 

Industrial Coatings

Aquaspersions is equipped to provide dispersions to support the manufacture of formulations used in industrial coatings. These can be applied to various substrates such as metal, paper, plastics, and wood.

Polymeric Primers

Polymeric emulsions provide a variety of  properties. These can be used for peelable coatings, primer layers for packaging or in heat seal adhesives applications.

Peelable Protective Coatings

Our portfolio of products offers the building and constructional coatings sector ingredients that can be applied on commercial, industrial, or residential buildings for decorative or protective purposes.


Our Aqualink range of solvent-free, water-based crosslinkers are explicitly designed for coating and adhesive formulations.

Aqualink products provide compatibility with many types of water-based polymers, offering precise control of the crosslinking process and depending on the grade can be heat-activated at a variety of temperatures. Aqualink crosslinked polymers exhibit improved strength and chemical or solvent resistance in a broad range of applications.

Our Products

Leading Innovative Dispersions

Our global manufacturing sites across UK, Asia and America combined with our technical and sales support allow us to create innovative products which can be used in coatings and adhesive solutions for a wide range of applications and markets.

From product innovation to formulation recommendations, our team of experts provide a market-focused approach to help solve your coatings and adhesive challenges.


Not only will we support you with high-quality dispersions, we also support with reliable regulatory support from our in-house experts. Our commitment to safer and more sustainable products minimises the environmental and health and safety impact in the lifecycle of our products.

Our dedicated regulatory experts will help support you to find a dispersion that will not only enrich your formulation but meet your regulatory requirements.


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