Taking a forward-thinking approach to dispersion chemistry

Innovation in Action

At the core of our business are our R&D and Innovation principles.

We have both dedicated technical experts and in-house capabilities to support the design, testing and development of innovative dispersion solutions to respond to market needs. Our ambition is to enrich formulations for customers that deliver superior solutions to niche applications.


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Partners in Innovation

Bring us your problems and we will bring the solution.

As a business, we thrive on collaboration and the opportunity to develop tailored solutions based on client requirements. For all product developments, we at Aquaspersions establish relationships across the value chain; engaging with customers, suppliers, and end-users to ensure we can create customised, quality products.

We work with you to understand your needs and undertake projects to modify existing product lines. Our dedicated team will always offer guidance on your application requirements. As a company built on technical expertise, we also have an extensive knowledge of dispersions that stretches far beyond our core technologies.


Developing Tailored Solutions

We are proud to deliver a range of high-quality and high-performing dispersions. We continue to explore new ways to improve product performance and expand our range to enable clients to develop superior quality formulations for end applications.

We at Aquaspersions focus on three key aspects to help customers respond effectively to the specific challenges and opportunities they face.

1. Innovative Dispersions and Emulsions

We help turn ideas and application needs into reality faster by delivering timely, innovative solutions that are focused on requirements. Aquaspersions deliver a full range of high-performance water-based technologies including, stabilisers, crosslinkers, accelerators, and antioxidant technologies to allow for increased performance and innovation. Alongside this, our quick and agile developments combined with application and technical support ensure speed to market.

2. Competitive Solutions

Future business success will become increasingly dependent on raw materials, regulatory changes, security of supply, and establishing sustainable solutions. As a leader in dispersions and emulsions, we can provide new materials which help enhance your product performance, support compliance to regulatory standards and improve the sustainability credentials of end applications.

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3. Committed Collaboration

We aim to understand not only application needs but also you as a partner and your business goals through close collaboration. This allows us to offer tailored solutions and commit the right people, products, and services to your project. Collaborating allows us to share with you our expertise, insights, and application support.

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6. Scale Solutions

In an ever-changing world, formulators and manufacturers need to adapt their offerings to both regulatory constraints and competitive pressures. We recognise times are changing; our forward-thinking approach enables us to prepare for movements in the industry and adapt our product portfolio to fit in line with regulatory changes.

If you need to move away from plastic solutions or solvent-based products, we have the solution. Beyond this, our technical expertise can offer application and regulatory knowledge to support your specific requirements.



As an innovative manufacturer, Aquaspersions can add extensive value to adhesives, coatings and polymer application projects.

With significant experience and industry presence since 1974, we are experts in water-based dispersions and emulsions. Our global presence, wide portfolio, service offer,​ and supply reliability ensures you can rely on us to deliver high-performing dispersions to support you with even the toughest application challenges.



Solutions built on innovation.

We deliver high-quality dispersions that meet the changing landscapes of our clients’ markets. AquarezBio is a unique range of products that have been specifically designed to support the packaging industry with the growing regulatory pressures surrounding sustainability. The AquarezBio biopolymer range is pioneering environmentally friendly coatings supporting packaging industries with compostable and recycling properties.



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