Enriching formulations with dispersions 

Aquaspersions is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of high-quality aqueous dispersions and emulsions.

With over 40 years of technical expertise, Aquaspersions solves global dispersion needs to enhance our client’s product performance.

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Aqualink products are proprietary formulations based on aqueous dispersions of solid polyisocyanates that have been partially chemically blocked with amines to make them stable in the presence of water. They are typically used in combination with water based polyurethane dispersions in the manufacture of heat activated 1K (one-component) adhesives.

These types of adhesives are used mainly for 3D lamination of furniture foils, production of heat activated tapes and in shoe adhesives.

Aquaspersions offers the following grades:

  • AQUALINK D-HT, which is based on amine blocked aliphatic IPDI trimer.
  • AQUALINK U, AQUALINK U-HT and AQUALINK 180, all of which are based on amine blocked aromatic TDI dimer.


The advantages of using these Aqualink grades are the relatively low re-activation temperature needed to initiate the crosslinking reaction, typically between 65-70oC. When formulated correctly into a PUD adhesive formulation they provide a storage stable 1K adhesive.

Where resistance to UV discoloration is needed then the use of AQUALINK D-HT is recommended.

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Coatings & Adhesives 

Our broad range of high-performing water-based dispersions and emulsion products, including Aquanox™  stabilisers, Aquarez™ EAA polymers, Aqualink™  crosslinkers, and accelerators, give adhesive and coating formulators the ability to add value and performance to their end products.

Coatings & Adhesives 


Aquaspersions’ team of technical experts work with rubber latex formulators to provide the additives needed to meet specific product needs. We develop and test our dispersions to ensure the desired physical and chemical properties of end rubber products are achieved.



Our range of Aquanox™  antioxidant dispersions deliver robust characteristics designed for use in the PVC and polymer industry, including ease of handling and dosing. These unique proprietary antioxidant dispersions enable the production of high-performance PVC, ABS or MBS polymers by preventing thermal degradation and enhancing the quality and colour of final PVC resins.



Food packaging solutions must consider the perishability of the content and the integrity of packaging materials to prevent moisture ingress from spoiling the food. Our Aquarez™ EAA and AquarezBio™ range can be formulated to produce a tailored, sustainable solution for your packaging needs.



Aquaspersions provide high-performance aqueous additives that allow our clients to manufacture superior-quality gloves to support high volume and line speeds. Our extensive expertise and in-depth market knowledge enables us to tailor dispersion products to specific customer requirements.



Planning for the Future

For us, sustainability means meeting our own needs without negatively impacting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our ambition is to act with integrity to safeguard the environment, both locally and globally, and facilitate continual business improvement. As part of our sustainability agenda, we want to extend our product portfolio to include more sustainable solutions that are built for the future.


Our Locations 

Halifax, United Kingdom

Our original site was established in 1974 and has since expanded to deliver high-performance dispersions globally.

In response to increased demand and growing sales we added further warehousing space at our facility in 2018. This was followed by a 25% expansion in the production and manufacturing capacity in 2019.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Aquaspersions Malaysia was established in 1992 to expand our capabilities in the region. Within a few years, a purpose-built factory was installed to supply the APAC region with increasing volumes.

The facility supplies an extensive range of industries but has a predominant focus on delivering dispersions to the glove and rubber markets.


Louisiana, North America

Aquaspersions invested $7.5 million to establish a new production facility in Broussard, Louisiana, USA.

The facility launched in 2023 and was developed to primarily supply critical components for the growing nitrile glove industry, establishing a key PPE supply chain base in the United States.

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