Enhancing elastomer formulations with dispersions technology

Powerful Additives for the Evolving Rubber Market

Tens of thousands of products relied on daily depend on rubber, and applications of the polymer are only growing.

As the demand for rubber expands and competition in the industry increases, performance is key. Our range of vulcanising agents provide rubber formulations with a range of performance characteristics suited to meet the evolving market expectations.


Characteristic Enhancing Additives

Durability, flexibility, and tensile strength are just three of rubber’s characteristics that make it a highly-sought material for a wide range of applications.

Aquaspersions specialises in formulating dispersions-based additives to enhance a particular attribute or supplement the development of an entirely new end rubber product. We combine chemical expertise with in-house testing to produce solutions that achieve the properties rubber formulators and producers require.


Key Properties

Use Aquaspersions’ water-based additives to achieve and enhance an extensive range of desirable characteristics in your rubber production, like:

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Stretch and Flexibility icon

Stretch and Flexibility

Electrical Insulation icon

Electrical Insulation

Corrosive Resistance  icon

Corrosive Resistance

Durability icon


Long-Life  icon


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Colour Protection icon

Colour Protection

Waterproofing  icon


Vapour-Proofing, Gas-Tight, and Air-Barriers icon

Vapour-Proofing, Gas-Tight, and Air-Barriers

Adherence to Dry and Wet Surfaces icon

Adherence to Dry and Wet Surfaces

In the vulcanisation of natural and synthetic rubbers, accelerators help to speed up the crosslinking process and deliver the performance attributes. However, the difference between standard and exceptional performance lies in the choice of the accelerating agent used to create the polymer.

Being water-based, our dispersions can be easily incorporated into rubber latex to enhance performance and durability. We can manufacture, develop, and test our dispersions to make sure the desired physical and chemical properties of end products are achieved.


Aquaspersions’ team of technical experts work with rubber formulators to customise the additives needed to complement their product’s specific needs.

Our water-based dispersions are expertly formulated and developed at our dedicated facility which can also host extensive testing to ensure the desired capabilities are met. On-site experts check product quality is of the highest standard and aligned with regulatory standards that are often changing. For Aquaspersions, investing in the guidance and support we provide to our customers is just as important as the investments we make to dispersions R&D.

Explore the range of additives Aquaspersions supplies to formulators that can be tailored to individual requirements to meet the demands of the evolving rubber market.


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