Bio-Based Coatings

Innovative coatings technology for a sustainable future

Coatings Derived from Bio-Based Alternatives

With environmental and safety regulations for the packaging sector becoming more stringent, the industry is under increasing pressure to transition away from coatings derived from fossil fuels to bio-based alternatives. Aquaspersions is proud to be a leading developer of bio-based, waterborne coatings which offer the high-quality, high-performance characteristics essential to coatings, whilst supporting formulators with more responsible production cycles. Additionally, our coatings use biopolymers which are certified as Home or Industrial compostable.

Coatings & Adhesives 

Bio-Based Innovation for a More Sustainable World

Demand for bio-based end-products shows a consistent upwards trend from chemical manufacturers, distributors, and consumers alike. Formulators that are actively sourcing and engaging bio-based materials are positively improving the environmental credentials of their manufacturing practices, whilst simultaneously acting strategically for long-term market changes. Aquaspersions continually invests in the R&D of our dispersions, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the development of unique, bio-based additives.


Optimising Performance with Bio-Based Technology

We are all responsible for protecting our planet and Aquaspersions is proud to be leading the way, helping the packaging industry transition from traditional PET and LDPE type offerings to fibre-based technology. Our bio-based dispersions are suitable for applications across a range of industries that all share similar pressures and motivations to engage more sustainable practices. They can be applied in several ways but are particularly suited to roto gravure coating methods.


Bio-Based Range Properties

All Aquaspersions bio-based products have the following key characteristics:

Compostable  icon


Complete break down into non-toxic components that will not harm the environment (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass).

Biodegradable icon


Capable of decomposition by living microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi), avoiding pollution.

Working Towards Recyclability and Re-pulpability icon

Working Towards Recyclability and Re-pulpability

We’re striving to make our bio-based products recyclable (used again) and re-pulpable (completely dissolvable in water during the paper re-pulping process).

Setting New Standards with AquarezBio

AquarezBio is our unique range of bio-based dispersions that have been developed to meet the ecological challenges faced by the packaging sector.

Manufactured by our expert R&D team to enhance performance across numerous sectors, AquarezBio products’ applications range from coatings for food packaging to binders for thermoformed pulp.


AquarezBio Properties

Moisture Vapour Barrier (MVTR) icon

Moisture Vapour Barrier (MVTR)

Water Resistance icon

Water Resistance

Grease Resistance icon

Grease Resistance

Heat Seal icon

Heat Seal

Quick Drying and Film Formation Times icon

Quick Drying and Film Formation Times

Bio-Based Coating Innovation


We combine our commitment to innovating with polymers that respect the planet with our focus on developing high-quality, high-performing products. Aquaspersions’ specialist R&D team has designed and tested the AquarezBio product range to ensure that these bio-based dispersions offer the key characteristics required by the growing number of industries that are seeking alternative, bio-based additives.



When products that have been manufactured with AquarezBio technology reach the end of their lives and are exposed to the right conditions, their bio-based coatings elements begin to rapidly biodegrade, ready for reabsorption.



Lower coat weights can be achieved with a water-based offering compared to processes that rely on extrusion. We can also make unique combinations of complimentary additives that enhance the properties of the biopolymer and the performance of the end coating.


Meet Regulations

As the chemical industry changes to implement practices that promote a more sustainable future, regulatory requirements change, too. Our dedicated, in-house regulatory support specialists are dedicated to ensuring our bio-based innovations meet changing statutory requirements and regulations around the globe, supporting customers and our own commitments to more responsible manufacturing.

Regulatory Support


Aquaspersions’ Bio-Based Products

We have one of the world’s leading ranges of biodegradable products, allowing formulators to develop coatings suited to our changing world. Aquaspersions’ continuous R&D activities in the bio sector mean we are constantly innovating and formulating new products from bio-sourced materials, without compromising on performance.

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