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Our Aqualink aqueous dispersions have been chemically blocked to make them more stable in the presence of water. Aqualink grades can be either based on aliphatic or aromatic polyisocyanates functionality and are suited for use with polyurethane dispersions (PUD) in the manufacture of heat activated adhesives.

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Our range of crosslinkers are supplied as stable non-hazardous dispersions, that offer good stability and excellent performance characteristics when formulated for use in adhesive and coating applications including footwear, leather, furniture, and textile coatings.

Coatings & Adhesives

Our Aqualink U series of products are based on aromatic polyisocyanates functionality and can be used as a crosslinking agent with PU dispersions for the formulation of 1-component latent-reactive PUD adhesives and in high-heat resistant 3-D lamination. These offer both excellent cohesive and bond-strength properties in the end-application.

Aqualink U

Aqualink D-HT products based on aliphatic polyisocyanates are especially recommended for use in PUD adhesives where improved clarity and light stability (non-yellowing properties) are required whilst Aqualink-X is an aliphatic-based fully blocked isocyanate especially suited to producing 1-component thermally cured coatings.

Aqualink D-HT

Key Properties

Our portfolio of crosslinkers improve end products across a multitude of applications.

Excellent Stability icon

Excellent Stability

Optimal Cross-Linking icon

Optimal Cross-Linking

Ease of Formulation icon

Ease of Formulation

Imparts High Heat Resistance icon

Imparts High Heat Resistance

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Fast Build-Up of Bond Strength


The Aqualink range of solvent-free crosslinkers for use in 1K coating and adhesive formulations to deliver superior appearance and resistance properties.

Our Products


Aqualink products are compatible with a range of water-based polymers but are especially suited to blending with polyurethane dispersions.


The Aqualink range offers precise control of the crosslinking process, which begins when the isocyanate function is revealed above the activation temperature.


Our polyisocyanates dispersions can be used in heat-cured polyurethane adhesives and coatings to further improve properties like heat and chemical resistance as well as greatly improve strength.

While the need to improve safety and minimise environmental impacts is at the forefront of our developments, Aquaspersions showcases a portfolio of high-quality dispersions that meet regulatory requirements. Our team of experts offer support in product and technical recommendations alongside regulatory compliance.


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