Vulcanising Agents & Accelerators

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Aquaspersions is focused on delivering vulcanising agents and accelerators for use in natural and synthetic latex compounding industries. Our products are typically used in the manufacture of highly durable end products such as gloves and condoms.

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Enhancing Physical Properties with Vulcanisation

We provide a wide range of curative additives which are suited for rubber applications including vulcanising agents and accelerators. The term vulcanisation historically referred exclusively to the treatment of natural rubber with sulphur, has grown in recent times to include crosslinking of synthetic rubber using metal oxide formulations.

To support formulators, we provide water-based accelerator dispersions which can be used as cure systems e.g. in natural and synthetic latex compounding processes. Our range of accelerator dispersions enables formulations to be processed faster at lower temperatures and with greater efficiency. Our 50% ZDEC dispersion acts as a very fast and low-temperature cure accelerator for latex applications.

Our range of water-based vulcanisation products helps increases rubber performance by improving the durability, strength, and function of final rubber applications. For your specific needs our team are ready to support you and help you find the right product for your formulation, whilst ensuring your process is efficient and trouble-free.

Accelerators are a critical component of rubber manufacturing, and the use of our water-based dispersions allows formulators to increase the speed of the vulcanisation process, whilst at lower temperatures and with greater efficiency.

Key Benefits

Our range of innovative accelerators further improve end products.

Improved Ageing Properties icon

Improved Ageing Properties

Reduced Sulphur Content icon

Reduced Sulphur Content

Faster Crosslinking Process icon

Faster Crosslinking Process

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Increased Efficiency

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Taking Innovation One Step Further 

Our R&D team are committed to product development and optimisation. We carry out our own research and think-ahead for the benefit of our customers. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer and technical support.


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