A Clear Purpose for the Future

We have developed a strategic business plan that covers high-performance output, stringent quality control and responsible actions for the environment. Our ambition is to act with integrity to safeguard the environment, both locally and globally, and facilitate continual improvement in all aspects of the business.

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Sustainable and Ethical Improvement Plan

For us, sustainability means meeting our own needs without negatively impacting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Explore the business priorities that are accelerating our sustainable goals below.


Training key stakeholders on Aquaspersions sustainable credentials and practices  


Perform supply chain risk assessment across raw material suppliers


Promote sustainable and ethical practices from our suppliers


Conduct downstream supplier self-assessment 


Improve the visibility of our sustainability performance  

Taking Action

At Aquaspersions, we are working on reducing CO2 emissions associated with our business throughout our entire value chain. Our sustainability journey has already begun and below are a few actions that were undertaken in 2022

1. Transferring to More Renewable Forms of Energy 

Over 90% of our electricity is sourced from renewable sources. To add to this, all of our forklift trucks are now electric, reducing our dependence on diesel and reducing our CO2 emissions.

2. Convert to LED Lighting 

We have replaced old fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, in both office and production spaces. This has led to over 40% reduction in energy consumption for production facilities and 66% for our offices.

3. EV Charging Points 

We have installed EV charging points at our facilities to reduce our environmental impact from fossil-fuelled transport.

Powered by Reporting 

Insight is the engine behind our sustainability agenda and reporting is integral to achieving our goals. We are committed to responsible sustainability reporting, which includes external audits from certified companies such as EcoVadis. The EcoVadis Assessment in 2023 certified Aquaspersions Ltd with Silver status.

An Ingrained Culture 

Sustainability is ingrained in our business practices, but also our workplace culture to ensure our objectives are not only adhered to but embraced.

Each of our employees or stakeholders has a role to play when it comes to sustainability. Through engaging training programmes employees embody our values, to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

About Us 

AquarezBio – Packaging Innovation 

As part of our sustainability agenda and ambitions, we want to extend our product portfolio to include more eco-conscious solutions that are built for the future. AquarezBio is enabling the packaging industry to fulfil its need for sustainable alternatives and delivering packaging that is less impactful on the environment.


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Responding to Regulation

The global landscape is evolving towards more sustainable solutions, and this is driven by increasing environmental concerns and regulatory policies.

Through the support of our in-house specialists we do more than is necessary to provide our clients with dispersions that fit the needs of a changing regulatory landscape.


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