Aquastab E3

  • Industry
    • Rubber
  • Region
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Application of 5-15% with respect to latex is recommended.  The actual amount should  be determined by the user for their own application

Aquastab  E3 Emulsion is designed as a foaming agent for use in production of foamed latex mouldings.  Aquastab E3 results in a larger cell size an a softer foam than Aquastab E5.   Especially useful for 3D special effects used in film, TV and theater productions

Product Features

  • Used for manufacture of foamed latex
  • Produces softer foam, easy to handle and incorporate into latex foam

Typical Properties

40 total solds (%)
500 viscosity (mPas)
9 pH
1.0 Specific Gravity