40% Aquanox 60 LV

  • Industry
    • Polymers
  • Region
    • EMEA
    • NA
  • Application & Dosage

      Addition is recommended at between 200 and 300ppm dry as a chain-stopper and antioxidant.

40% Aquanox 60LV is an emulsion of a proprietary blend of phenolic and thioester antioxidants. It is particularly suitable as a chain-stopper in the suspension polymerization of PVC. 40% Aquanox 60LV is supplied as a low viscosity, very fine particle size emulsion.

Product Features

  • Low viscosity allows for easy addition to the polymerization vessel
  • Very fine particle size ensures high chain-stopping efficiency
  • Free of APEO surfactants
  • Non-ionic stabilizing system
  • Food contact clearances
  • Cost effective

Typical Properties

43 Total Solids (%)
40 Active Solids (%)
220 Viscosity (LVT) (cPs)
7.3 pH
1.0 Specific Gravity
d95 3.5 Particle Size (micron)