Elliot Hawksworth – Research & Applications Manager

Introducing our Research & Applications Manager Elliot Hawksworth, one of the highly skilled people behind our world-class products.

And it all started with an early interest in chemistry kits!

“From a young age I had a passion for science and, in particular, chemistry. I loved playing with science kits but had a penchant for disregarding the instructions and trying to make my own concoctions. When I graduated university and realised people were willing to pay me to do this, it was a no-brainer for me, although now my experimenting is more methodical and innovative.

My first role at Aquaspersions was as a Development Chemist, a fully lab-based role where I learnt about our range of products, their processes and the chemistries used to create them. I was then promoted to Senior Chemist, a role which led me to project manage my own work, and that of my direct reports.

I was then promoted again to Research and Process Development Manager, responsible for the day-to-day management of the Research and Process Development laboratory, as well as the scaling up of new products and product development on our production facility.
In my current role I’m head of our two research departments: Research & Development, and Applications, although I still get involved in process development work, from time to time.”

Ensuring our products meet the highest quality standards

“Day-to-day my main task is to manage our innovation technicians and oversee the projects they’re working on. This typically involves engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and when I’m not doing my project manager role I’m often holding technical discussions with my colleagues in Malaysia and the US. These talks can range from improving internal procedures and policies to ensuring our current products meet the highest quality standards.

But one of the most enjoyable parts of my role is the people I work with. I’m exceptionally lucky to have such a strong and experienced team to work alongside while we’re developing new and exciting products.”

A genuine commitment to career progression

“One of the key things I value about Aquaspersions is its commitment to career progression. I have been given opportunities that wouldn’t necessarily have been available at other companies. Exposure to these opportunities, and excelling at them, has given me professional development that is second to none.

A great example of this is my contribution to our biopolymer project, which is driving the production of our AquarezBio product range that firmly places Aquaspersions at the forefront of sustainable chemistry – a position that we’re proud to champion.”